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Many Residents Isolated Off of County Road 73

Posted at 11:40 AM, Nov 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-01 12:40:55-04

As many people know who live in the area, County Road 73 is common for flooding. However, many residents have said that they haven’t seen it this bad since 2015.

“For me this is the first time, I’ve never really seen it this bad before,” says David Flores. He does not live off of CR73 but his disabled son does. Flores says he has to constantly go back in forth with his canoe just for groceries and medications. “It kinda hectic ya know, going back in forth but, ya know I gotta do it. I gotta do what I can to help my son.”

As for parent, Rebecca Akins, she has been making six trips a day to get her 5 kids to and from school. Akins feels that this isn’t ‘minor’ or ‘moderate’ flooding as the officials claim.

“I mean I understand our houses are up there’s a reason our houses are up,” says Akins, “but I think they should have better control of the dam releases.”

Akins even says that mail and trash services stopped back in mid-September.

“We load up our trash into a boat and then bring it up here and it goes into a dumpster up here. Mail service we just have to go to Robstown to pick up.”

KRIS 6 News spoke with Nueces County Commissioner Precinct 1, Carolyn Vaughn about what can be done about people who may need some help.

“Annaville Fire Department, they’re on call for any kind of water rescue they have to have. American Red Cross has been coming out here and they’ll be coming back out here this afternoon to help em with any supplies or anything they need to see what they need.”

Vaughn says neighbors should sign up for safety updates on

KRIS 6 News also spoke with TCEQ about the water quality and at the time, no complaints have come in. If there is a complaint, they will have staff out within 24 hours.

Health officials also say that no one should be walking through the flooded waters without protection. Even if you are covered with waders or rain boots, to shower immediately after you are out of the water and especially clean in between toes to diffuse any un-wanted bacteria.