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Corpus Christi ranked as America’s most affordable city for vegetarians

Posted at 3:00 PM, Oct 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-15 16:18:55-04

It might be the kind of news that might send many local red-blooded meat eaters into apoplexy.

But Corpus Christi has been named as the most cost-efficient city for vegetarians in the nation.

The website analyzed many factors during a recent story about the best city for vegans and vegetarians. Their findings indicate Corpus Christi has the lowest cost for groceries for vegetarians of the 100 markets analyzed nationwide.

San Antonio and Houston are second and third responsibly among the other chepest cities in the same index. They are closely followed by Lexington, Ky., at fourth, and Detroit fifth.

The most expensive city for vegetarians is Honolulu. Others in order among the most expensive cities include four California cities: San Jose, Oakland, Fremont and San Francisco.

Despite the cheap vegetarian options, Corpus Christi ranks 74th nationally among the major 100 markets as the best cities for vegans and vegetarians. In another financial-based ranking, Corpus Christi ranks second in an affordability index behind only Laredo.

Corpus Christi ranks 91st in diversity and accessibility and 82nd in vegetarian lifestyle.

These findings prove that cheap availability of kale, beets and brussels sprouts apparently doesn’t necessarily translate into actually eating the vegetables.