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Robstown Early College High School: First day in a new building

Posted at 6:53 PM, Aug 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-13 19:53:35-04

​Monday was the first day of school for students at Robstown ISD. It was also the first day students at Robstown Early College High School made use of the school’s newest building.

It took four years for the new 40,000 square foot building to be built, but students like sophomore Marissa Moreno, say it was worth the wait.

“I like the new classrooms,” Moreno said. “As soon as I stepped in, I had that college student feel.”

The additions are meant to give students the feel of a college campus. The new building integrates newer technology into classrooms, like SMART boards and projectors. Desks and other seating areas have outlets so students can use computers to work. Plus there are areas for students to sit and work or hangout with other students.

As an Early College High School, the school offers dual-credit courses to its students. Joshua Garcia teaches a dual-credit class, and says the desks in the classrooms even mimic the way you would find them on a college campus.

“It’s a more inviting environment for the quote-on-quote lecture style for college,” Garcia said.

Junior, Ryan Cantu has his sights set on college. Thanks to the new environment, he says graduating with an associates degree next year feels that much closer.

“We can just get into college in what we want to major in, what we want to get a degree in,” Cantu said. “So it’s really cool.”