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South Texas Steak Master shares grilling tips

Posted at 5:46 AM, Aug 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-06 06:46:50-04

Five years ago on August 6, a chef from the New Jersey area helped open the kitchen at the Longhorn Steakhouse in La Palmera Mall.

His name is Jesse Montalva and he has become one of the most well known chefs throughout the Longhorn Steakhouse organization.

In 2016, Longhorn Steakhouse began their first Steak Master series, a competition that starts with 5,000 chefs from across the country. Each round, the chef is made to grill or cook the best entree they are given.

Montalva became a finalist in 2016 and ultimately came out in 4th. Since then, Montalva has competed each year and although he didn’t make it to the final round the past two years, he’s still the regional winner.

Montalva’s tips for grilling the best steaks:

  • Seasoning: a simple seasoning is perfect for any steak.
  • Oil grill- Montalva says he uses canola oil on the grill so it makes for even cooking throughout the steak -grill for a few minutes on each side -use a thermometer and insert in the side of the steak not the top.
  • or, Montalva uses the finger test to determine the doneness of each steak.
  • if your hand is relaxed, your palm will be the texture of a raw steak.
  • touching pinky and thumb together, the texture of your thumb muscle resembles a well done steak -medium steak will feel like your thumb muscle when the thumb and ring finger touch -medium rare is the same feeling when your middle finger and thumb touch -rare is how it should feel when your thumb and index finger meet.
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    Jesse Montalva’s famous steak.