Dress code picture causes concerns at local restaurant

Posted at 6:00 PM, Jul 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-22 19:00:23-04

A concerned parent takes to Facebook to let one major restaurant chain know, he’s outraged over a picture shown to his daughter who works at their Corpus Christi location. 

For fear of retaliation against his daughter, the concerned parent whose first name is Zachary does not want his last name released. In his post to Chuy’s restaurant’s Facebook page last night he shares this picture.

Zachary says his daughter told him that managers at the local Chuy’s restaurant showed her and other employees this picture to explain the dress code there. 

We had to blur out a few of the terms but other terms for the shorter lengths are quote "asking for it" length, "provocative" length and for longer shorts, "prudish" and "old fashioned".

Today (Sunday) we spoke with Zachary over the phone who says he’s angry and doesn’t feel any employee should be shown a picture like this. 

Zachary said, "Pretty angry, it’s not just as a parent but as a person. Her mother and I, we don’t… she knows she doesn’t get treated that way. She treats people respectful and people should be respectful of her and so she knows this is not how people should conduct themselves in a work place." 

We reached out to the local Chuy’s restaurant and spoke to a manager who admitted to knowing about the picture but would not make an official comment on the issue. We were referred to the Area Supervisor, Brent Grover who said he’s been made aware of the picture and has spoken to the manager that showed it to an employee regarding the dress code. Grover says he plans to come down to Corpus Christi to conduct an investigation into the matter.