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Corpus Christi hosts 2018 international Youth Sailing Championship

Posted at 6:04 AM, Jul 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-23 10:06:00-04

Corpus Christi will be hosting the 48th Annual 2018 Youth Sailing World Championships, the top youth sailing event in the world. There are 382 of the world’s finest young sailors that will be competing between July 14-21. 

The last time this championship was held in the United States was in 1996.  

Sailors from 66 countries have been traveling to the Sparkling City days before the competition, Rob Holden, Training Delivery Manager of World Sailing says, "these kids they come from, some of them from very small countries where there’s an island that you can walk across in half a day, and to come to a place like Texas which is just massive ya know, is, is really good for them." 

KRIS 6 got to ride along for a training session with a group of sailors, speaking with 16-year old Estere Kumpina from Latvia and 18-year old Luis Pedro from Uruguay.  

To them, sailing is a whole different feeling unlike anything else, "I mean you cannot really describe the soon as I get on the water, I forget about my problems," say Estere.  

Luis says there’s, "a lot of adrenaline, ya know, flowing through your veins, and it’s amazing ya know." 

This is both of their first times in the US and of course, Corpus Christi, they say that Corpus is beautiful with nice views and everyone so far has been very nice and welcoming. 

Competition begins Monday through Friday, with opening ceremonies Sunday on the Bayfront. 

For more information you can go to or for schedule and entries.