City red tape delays coffee shop opening

Posted at 10:30 AM, Jul 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-12 11:30:17-04

Many businesses were destroyed after Hurricane Harvey, this putting a financial strain on owners when it comes to rebuilding.

A brand new coffee shop in Rockport is ready to open their doors to residents and tourists who make their stop in the heritage district. 

However, the owner of this coffee shop is being told no.
Tammie Brown is ready to open her coffee shop in Rockport called “The Addiction.”    

But she’s facing some obstacles and her business sits in the Rockport Heritage District.

Her heart sank when she was told that she could not open her doors because her building does not follow city ordinance. Brown did the necessary work to have her business in the Heritage district and was able to continue to build. 

“I didn’t want a battle I just wanted a business,”  Brown says.

The Heritage District wants the business to change the roof, landscape, siding, and change the drive-through.

Brown believes this is not fair because other businesses have tin roofs and other things Tammie has.

This situation causing a major financial burden for Tammie.

We caught up with city leaders who say they met multiple times with Brown and spoke about these requirements so The Addiction could receive their certificate of occupancy.
Rockport leaders say they want this business in their city, and hopes for success but the building must meet with the ordinance.

Tammie tells us that if her coffee shop is not able to open she may have to file for bankruptcy.

She plans on meeting with the Rockport Heritage District on Monday to discuss opening temporarily to create funds so she can make the required upgrades.