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Community group working to empower local teen girls in new leadership program

Posted at 11:39 AM, Jul 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-23 08:55:11-04

They’re the first group of girls to take part in a new leadership program for young girls called VANTAGE.

VANTAGE stands for vocational awareness and team based girls empowerment.

It’s a community based empowerment program for teenage girls that hopes to increase engagement in success-oriented activities that will help them learn how to set goals and how to reach those goals.

Our Katia Uriarte was the first mentor they met with this week. Katia gave the girls a tour of the KRIS 6 building and talked to them about her background and how she became a news anchor.

The 14 girls come from different local high schools but VANTAGE is primarily an enrichment program for teenage girls from the westside area of Corpus Christi, an area characterized by disparities in vocational development programming and opportunities. 

The VANTAGE program is a brief (5 days) and intensive (7 hours per day) program, where participants complete evidence-based vocational development programming,  have sustained interaction and mentoring experiences from women who are in leadership roles within diverse professions, and participate in a team-based project promoting community engagement and development.

VANTAGE is developed and lead by faculty members and graduate students from the Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi counseling and educational psychology department.

For more information on VANTAGE you can contact one of the following folks on this list:


Dr. Kristina Nelson (Program Director/Coordinator)

Cell: 361-825-2469; Email:

Dr. Jennifer Gerlach (Program Director/Coordinator)

Cell: 361-825-3318; Email:

Dr. Stephen Lenz (Program Coordinator)

Office: 361-825-3467; Email:

Dr. Joshua Watson (Program Coordinator)

Office: 361-825-2739; Email:


Nora Maza (Camp Leader)

Cell: 361-825-3600; Email:

Brenda Cavazos (Camp Leader)

Cell: 361-825-3600; Email: