As rain falls, potholes form across Corpus Christi

Posted at 10:49 PM, Jun 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-20 23:49:37-04

Flooding across the city drew attention to another problem Corpus Christi residents are all too familiar with: potholes.

There were reports of plenty of new potholes sprouting up in the city as heavy rain moved through the area. It’s a phenomenon locals describe as a guarantee anytime heavy rain falls on the Coastal Bend.

Wednesday afternoon, road crews shut down a portion of I37 near Crosstown Expwy. after a pothole opened up on the highway. That hole has since been filled but many others remain; and with more rain in the forecast, don’t expect them to be immediately repaired.

"That’s where they turn," said Elizabeth Pavich, a resident who lives nearby one of the newly formed potholes. She indicated an area of Yorktown Blvd. near Everhart. "You see that dip right there? There’s some deep, deep holes in there."

It’s an area Pavich said was already in poor shape but has been made worse by recent storms. It’s local drivers she’s concerned most about.

"It’s still deep right there, so they need to fill all that stuff up. No, it’s caused some problems. It really has, especially with this rain. They have to be careful," Pavich added.

While KRIS 6 News was at the scene, our crews watched some drivers take the stretch of road cautiously, while others discovered the hole the hard way.

And this area isn’t alone, there are plenty of potholes forming in other parts of the city. Drivers on Ocean Drive dodged them along a long stretch of the road.

As for a timeline on repairs, well, the city said first the weather needs to dry up. Only then can repairs begin.

Pavich had some advice for drivers in the meantime.

"You have to be careful, because there’s some deep holes and it will damage your car. I will tell you that."

To report a pothole, contact the City at 826-CITY or visit