Flour Bluff residents concerned about homeless camp, trash piling up

Posted at 7:48 PM, Jun 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-18 20:48:53-04

Residents in Flour Bluff say they’re upset because piles of trash are being left behind by the homeless. Anything from shopping carts, electronics and miscellaneous trash can be seen in a wooded area just off of the NAS exit ramp on NA S. Drive.

Joshua White lives right behind the eyesore. He says some of his property, like tools, has somehow disappeared from his home. However, Joshua and other neighbors usually have a good idea where the missing items went.

"I’ve come back here [the wooded area] many times actually to look for stuff that’s been stolen out of my yard," Joshua said. "And I’ve found it more often than not."

Joshua found some of his tools in the forest of trash just today. He believes it’s a number of homeless that are responsible for the thefts, plus the piles of trash and the loss of the neighborhood’s peace of mind.

"I think it’s a general uneasiness," Joshua said. "They’re not sure what to make of it."

Meanwhile, staff at Oasis Tavern, a business about a half of a mile away, says some of the homeless people have taken to loitering outside.

"Some of them talk to themselves," said Michele Hunt, a bartender at the Tavern. "And some of them are just scary characters."

Michelle says the homeless problem comes and goes and has been that way for several years. But she’d like to see it go for good.

"It’s pretty trashy," Michele said. "And it definitely needs to be cleaned up."

Another concern nearby residents and business owners have is the location of the homeless camp. It sits right next to a neighborhood day care.

KRIS 6 made a phone call to the Corpus Christi Police Department and Code Enforcement to get more information about the area. We are still waiting on a call back.