Newly renovated Collier Pool closed due to vandalism

Posted at 5:04 AM, Jun 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-18 06:04:44-04

Collier Pool is the new summer hangout spot in town. The pool had a soft opening back in July of 2017 when the renovations were completed. 

Corpus Christi’s Park and Recreation Department spent over $2.7 million on the Collier renovations. The new features include, a heated pool, six-lane lap, 100 gallon splash bucket, updated bathrooms, wash areas and offices. Ashley Rioux, Parks and Recreation Aquatics Program Manager says, "it was a total restart basically, they tore the whole thing up and just rebuilt from the ground up." 

On Monday June 18, there was supposed to be a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Collier Pool. Parks and Recreation have had to postpone the ribbon cutting ceremony numerous times since the soft opening in July of 2017.  

"They turned over the keys and we opened literally, the next day." Says Rioux, "We were ready, we know the people wanted it, so it was kind of that push from the community. And then as the year went on, you know we had the hurricane, and then, just this winter was kind of a crazy winter with weather wise, so it kept getting pushed back." 

But, now that ribbon cutting ceremony will need to be pushed back once more, due to vandalism.  

When KRIS 6 spoke with Rioux Sunday evening, she said lifeguards were the ones that noticed the vandalism. It was mainly minor damage but there was black paint spilled in the pool. 

Collier Pool is closed until further notice. The ribbon cutting ceremony will be postponed for a later date.  

The lap swim program will be offered during regular scheduled hours at the Corpus Christi Natatorium on Cabaniss Parkway.

If you know of any information regarding the vandalism at Collier Pool, you are encouraged to call 888-TIPS (8477).