Grand Opening: Goodwill opens new store in Annaville

Posted at 5:24 AM, Jun 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-14 06:24:48-04

When planning its newest retail and donation store, officials for Goodwill Industries of South Texas put the experience of the shopper at the top of its list of priorities.  

Today, there will be a ribbon cutting for Goodwill’s newest store at 11330 Leopard Street in the Annaville area. 

All indications are, that of the 8 Goodwill locations in the Coastal Bend, this new store will rank among the largest. 

Corpus Christi’s newest and largest Goodwill is set to open its store and donation station in the northwest part of town. 

"This particular store is over 16,000 square-feet, and it is a lot of shopping space. We are so excited for the viewers to come out and see all the deals they can find at Goodwill," said Goodwill Vice President of Marketing Marjorie Boudreaux. 

The new store replaces a smaller one just a couple of miles down the road inAnnaville and will serve more than 4,500 people needing assistance. 

"Why we picked Annaville is 1, there is a need for the programs that Goodwill offers. 2, Annaville needs a place, an affordable place for families to buy clothes and household items. 3, Because people are donating that item and people are shopping at Goodwill, we are repurposing those items, which means that we have a positive impact on the environment because we are keeping those items out of the landfill, which I think is great. So it is good for the people, our community, and it’s good for the planet," said Boudreaux. 

Proceeds from Goodwill stores go to support job training and placement services for those with challenges to entry into the workplace. 

"Some of the employees who are working at Goodwill are a part of the job training programs, and Goodwill exists to create either employment opportunities for people outside in the community, and if we can’t do that, then we help create employment opportunities for them at Goodwill," said Boudreaux. 

Local donations make up most of the merchandise so the store counts on the generosity of others to stay open. 

The new store is a win for Goodwill, and it is a win for the shoppers and donors in the Annaville area and beyond. 

Goodwill Industries of South Texas, Inc. is opening of their newest and largest store and donation station in the Coastal Bend.  Located at 11330 Leopard Street (at Violet Road next to Planet Fitness) a ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held on Thursday, June 14th at 9:00 a.m.