APPD recovers stolen guitar for Austin musician

Posted at 3:31 PM, Jun 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-11 16:31:25-04

An Austin resident is praising the officers with the Aransas Pass Police Department after they tracked down his stolen guitar.

A Facebook post on the Aransas Pass Police Department’s Facebook page shares a video of Mark Holcomb seeing and handling the guitar for the first time.

Holcomb, a guitarist for Heavy Progressive Metal band Periphery, said he thought he would never see the guitar.

Two months ago, Holcomb ordered the custom-made guitar from the company Paul Reed Smith. The guitar took more than a year for the company to build it for Holcomb. 

When it was delivered to Holcomb’s house, his wife went to retrieve the package, the guitar was missing. Holcomb wrote off the loss and thought he would never see the instrument again.

Two months later, a friend of a friend of an Aransas Pass Police Officer saw an interesting guitar being sold by a homeless man in New Braunfels for only two-hundred dollars. The friend of the APPD officer bought the guitar and contacted Officer Mike Luna, who is also a musician and the two researched the guitar and discovered it was reported missing by Holcomb. 

Holcomb traveled to the Coastal Bend this past weekend and finally saw and held the guitar for the very first time.

Holcomb thought someone was playing a joke when they told him they found his stolen guitar.