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Centennial Museum dedicates historical marker

Posted at 5:36 PM, Jun 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-30 13:19:02-04

History allows people to understand where they came from, and the Centennial Museum on Park Avenue in South Bluff Park is a prime example.

Today, the museum unveiled a new historical marker on their grounds.

The museum was built to help promote Texas history on the 100th anniversary of Texas’ independence from Mexico. 

"It was not a good time in our state because it was during the depression," said Anita Eisenhauer, Chairman of the Nueces County Historical Commission, said. "There was a move by the federal government to increase tourism to increase workers to be employed and this was one of the ways the state was going to do this."

The Art Museum of South Texas used to call the building home decades ago. Now, the building is used by the Police Officers Association to teach youth boxing skills.