Nueces County ESD #2 adds new fire rescue boat to its fleet

Posted at 1:11 PM, May 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-31 14:11:00-04

The Nueces County Fire Department Emergency Service District #2 recently added a new addition to its fleet. A 21-foot fire rescue boat will soon be used for rescue operations and emergency services in Flour Bluff and on the island.

Chief J.P. Hominick, the Deputy Fire Chief, says the boat is wider and more stable than the previous boat.

"We are very excited to have this boat," Chief Hominick said. "There’s not a boat like this in Corpus Christi that’s actually a true fire rescue boat."

The boat cost $135,000 and replaces the previous boat that was used for 15 years. The boat comes with several new features like advanced technology that allows crews to see underwater and even pick up signs of heat. These high-tech systems helps crews find anything under or on the side of the boat, and even off shore.

The boat can also get to the scene of an emergency a lot faster. The new boat reaches a top speed of 60 mph, whereas the old boat reached about 38 mph.

"We’re really upping our game a little bit by our response time by adding this boat to our fleet," Chief Hominick said.

The boat also acts as a floating firetruck. The boat can pump water through hoses, allowing crews to battle brush fires on the island. Another neat feature, the boat has a removable door on its side which allows crews to transport patients a little easier.

The boat isn’t in service yet. Crews will begin training on the new boat in mid-June.

Until then, Brandon Sekula, a firefighter at Nueces County Fire Department ESD #2, said crews are ready to take the boat out on the water.

"So we’re really looking forward to training in it," Sekula said. "And looking forward to making a bigger difference than we made."

 The future of the old boat is still undecided.?