Visitors flood Corpus Christi Bayfront for Memorial Day

Posted at 9:51 PM, May 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-28 22:51:24-04

The Sparkling City by the Sea was a popular place for visitors on Memorial Day. Many people came to town to take in sights that they can only get here. Whether it was for a gesture of gratitude or a family getaway, the holiday crowds gave local businesses the chance to put the city’s hospitality on display.

The Bayfront was packed with both locals and visitors. Rudy Benavidez lives here and is hosting his parents on their visit from the Valley.  He told KRIS 6 News, "We had some breakfast, then we decided to come take a walk here."

Of course, visitors were everywhere to be found. Harley Cantu came from Poteet to visit his sister. He decided to cast a reel in the bay and get some quality fishing time.

"I haven’t caught anything big yet. It’s a little hot but it feels good. With the breeze, it’s helping out a lot," Cantu said.

The weather made Rita’s of Corpus Christi a popular spot for people on the Bayfront. The business served up plenty of cool treats on this hot holiday. Jennifer Cain of Rita’s told us about Memorial Day business, "It’s going very well. we’re enjoying it. We love coming down by the Selena statue. It helps to promote our business and it helps local businesses like ourselves."

Another popular choice for the holiday was a bike ride. Fun Time Rentals could barely keep its four-pedal, two-rider bicycles. Melanie Gutierrez, visiting from Florida, went on a ride with her family, saying, "Last time I was here, I don’t think these were here. So, we’re excited to check them out."

"A lot of people coming out today, so we’re hoping it stays up for the rest of the summer and we stay pretty busy," employee Rosendo Robles said.

Not surprisingly, the Selena statue along the Bayfront was also a big draw for tourists. Fabi Garcia, a Wisconsin native who now lives in Richmond, Texas, brought her sister. She said of her visit, "It’s so beautiful. The people here are so welcoming and just very friendly, very nice."

Others were in town to pay tribute to those whose ultimate sacrifice gives us the freedom to spend this day however we choose. That’s why Bernard and Margie Najvar visited the USS Lexington.

"My late brother-in-law served on this ship and it was very exciting when it came to corpus and we got to tour it with him," Margie Najvar told KRIS 6 News.

On this Memorial Day, they’re thankful for an attraction that pays tribute to his service, and the service of countless others. 

"What they went through — we’re just so proud that we’re able to be here to honor them."