Robstown Early College High School unveils newest additions

Posted at 10:38 AM, May 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-25 11:38:28-04

The staff at Robstown Early College High School recently unveiled the newest additions to the campus.  Beginning next school year, a new 40,000 square foot building will provide students unique learning opportunities as they finish their high school career.

Maria Vidaurri, the Robstown ISD superintendent says the renovations are part of an on-going effort to prepare by the district to prepare students for what comes after high school, whether it be college, post-secondary education or pursuing a career.

"So it’s not really about the now,’ Vidaurri said. "It’s about what comes after this and getting them ready and preparing them and giving them the tools so that they can be successful when they leave us."

The design gives students the feel of an early college high school or college campus. The building prepares students for the freedom of movement they’ll have in college. Meanwhile, students will also be exposed to the greater responsibility when it comes to getting their work done.

"By providing an environment that’s conducive for that, was exactly what we were trying to do when developing this building," Vidaurri said.

The building has a new open-concept library as well as several seating areas where students can work together on class projects. The building also integrates technology in the classroom by having desks equipped with outlets.

Sarah Herring, a third year teacher who teaches 9th, 11th and 12th grade students, says she is especially looking forward to incorporating different kinds of activities into the curriculum.

"It allows more mobility into the classroom," Herring said. "And the spaces available and the classroom sizes are wonderful for group activities."

There’s also an outdoor space called a ‘quad,’ another location for students to learn and work on class activities.

 "Teachers can maybe even bring kids out, and you’ll have some comfortable chairs in which they can sit in and just discuss the things that they’re doing in their classroom," Vidaurri said.

The new building will open its doors in August, but for students, it also opens new doors to their future.

Cody Rosas, a soon-to-be junior at Robstown Early College High School, says the new building has inspired students like himself to want to go to college in the future. 

"I am looking forward to using it," Rosas said. "It looks nice. It’d be nice to hangout in there."

Construction for the new building began in 2014.