Oso Creek near the Mud Bridge, known for excess trash

Posted at 9:16 AM, May 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-03 10:16:49-04

The Mud Bridge off of Yorktown and Oso Creek is a popular spot for fishermen and the public. But, city experts say, "they use it as a historical dumping site there, it’s really difficult to keep up with." Lawrence Mikolajczyk, Director of Solid Waste, says it’s hard to keep up with because the equipment they use to extract all the trash and debris, sometimes gets stuck in the soft sand.

This area is what caught the attention of an archaeology student, Jenna Sierra, who thought she would take a hike just to familiarize herself with Oso Creek.

That is when she noticed the large amounts of garbage and bulky trash all along the Oso Creek. She decided to have her own clean up and was able to grab about 5 garbage bags full of trash. Sierra would love to have a huge community involved clean up sometime next month, and has already reached out to local environmental organizations, as well as used the app NextDoor.

At this moment, it’s hard to tell if this trash came from illegally dumping or Hurricane Harvey.

After speaking with Solid Waste, they said they will provide materials and products to help the community gather the trash. Mikolajczyk even says that if trash is put right on the side on Yorktown, it will get picked up.