Kane Beef owes nearly $400,000 in property taxes to Nueces County

Posted at 4:21 PM, May 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-03 17:21:05-04

There is more financial trouble for a local company. Kane Beef Company is dealing with another past due payment. This time the county wants to collect, and the deadline is tomorrow.

On Tuesday Kane Beef worked out a deal with city leaders in Corpus Christi to pay off more than $2.3 million dollars in delinquent utility bill. Now, the company has another past due account, this time with Nueces County.

Kane Beef owes the county nearly $398,000 in 2017 property taxes. It is not the first time they have been delinquent with the county. 

"Last year they were delinquent for their 2016s. They got into a payment agreement for those, and paid those off in January of this year," Kevin Kieschnick, Nueces County Tax Assessor-Collector, said. 

But just as soon as last year’s bill was paid, this year’s bill was due, on January 31st. 

There are two types of property taxes for businesses. One is the real estate property tax, which covers land and permanent fixtures. 

The other is a business personal property tax. 

"This is furniture, fixtures, equipment, computers, cars. Basically anything that can be picked up and moved," Kieschnick said. 

Since those items can be moved, or sold, delinquent property taxes on them go to collection sooner. 

Kane Beef’s case went to a collection agency on April 1st. A notice of delinquency went out April 8th, and a notice of seizure was sent April 25th. 

Tomorrow is the deadline for Kane Beef to start making their delinquent payments to the Tax Collectors Office. After that, seizure proceedings begin.

Kieschnick tells KRIS 6 News that this morning, he was contacted by a Kane Beef representative. who asked to set up a meeting Friday. 

"They want to work out a payment plan. And it will probably be similar to what they had last year, and hopefully they get paid off you know prior to next year’s taxes becoming due," he said. 

Since January 31st, Kane Beef’s unpaid tab has accrued more than $100,000 in penalties and attorneys fees. 

Those stiff penalties are because unpaid bills impact many entities that rely on property tax revenue. 

"The school district that they’re in, I believe that’s Tuloso Midway, it’s going to be the county, it’s going to be the city, it’s going to be Del Mar," Kieschnick said. "Delinquencies always affect budgets in a negative fashion, because that’s money that should have already been collected."

The real estate property taxes, on land and permanent property, go to collection on July 1st. Kane Beef owes well over $100,000 on those accounts. 

KRIS 6 News did reach out to Kane Beef for comment, but they have not yet gotten back to us.