Local students protest walk-outs, saying they’re defending their Second Amendment rights

Posted at 9:33 PM, Apr 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-23 22:33:02-04

This past Friday, students across the country walked out of their classroom to protest gun violence and while students were participating, walking out at Flour Bluff High School three seniors there decided to take another position.

James Bagnell, Trey Skrobarczyk and John Pedrotti say there were, "protesting against the protests." Flour Bluff seniors, they put up flags including the "come and take it" flag to defend their rights to the Second Amendment. 

"We did it for our own respect to our country." said James Bagnell. 

All 18 years-old, the three students say they decided to add the "come and take it flag" as a way to stand up for their second amendment rights on a day when others their age, were protesting against gun violence. 

Skrobarczyk said "There was no skipping or walking out for us during school." 

Pedrotti adding, "We didn’t want to participate in the walkout because it wasn’t a part of our beliefs but we did not participate and we flew our flags to protest the protests going on."

The picture of the students was shared on social media sites like Facebook, going viral. 

James, Trey and John admit they weren’t expecting the attention they received and say even though some people won’t agree with them, it’s not going to stop them from flying their flags high.