Hospital’s new technology brings advantages to patients

Posted at 5:42 AM, Apr 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-23 06:42:31-04

A new electronic health record system will be going into effect in May at all of the Corpus Christi Medical Center facilities.

This new program will streamline the way doctors access a patient’s health history.

The Corpus Christi Medical Center has been planning and training 100% of their nursing and ancillary teams as they move forward with elevating their clinical documentation standards. 

 "We have kicked off a large project to improve our patient documentationso we can give time back to our nurses and thus give better-excellent care to our patients," said  C.C.M.C. Director of Advanced Clinical  Angel Romero, Jr.

 With the benefit of an electronic health record, doctors and nurses will be able to share up-to-date information with other providers within the hospital system, providing patients with quick and easy access to tests, X-rays and other medical information via computers or other electronic devices.

 "Nowadays, every nurse, every patient, every physician, is an informatics in a sense, because they all have to get into a computer. That is what we are doing. It is the new era of healthcare, and we are excited to be a part of it," said Romero.

 The hospital’s informatics systems integrates medical, nursing, and computer sciences to speed the data capture and rapidly communicate the information to ensure the highest levels of safety while reducing the need for redundant testing.

"It provides the help that we are not only continuing to deliver excellent care, but we will have more time to do it," said Romero.  

 Many of the Corpus Christi Medical Center teams had to take more than 90 classes over a 5 week period to get ready to go live in May.

"The ultimate goal for the project is to improve patient care. Above all else, we are committed to the care of improvement to human life. Now with the documentation that we have available, it is only going to allow doctors to have a better, more complete record at their finger tips so they can make better decisions quickly and be able to help our patients get the best most excellent care," said Romero.

 The hospital’s departmental leaders helped identify six subject matter experts throughout the hospital’s health care system to become expert trainers. These experts were provided the project plan and training needed to teach 800 of their healthcare providers within each of the seven campus system. They are fortunate to be able to leverage the strength of the company to know they will soon be helping the nurses improve the delivery of the care and responsiveness to patients.

This project will help them make the input of information into their EHR an even more patient-centric record that will guide and inform the provision of safe, effective and efficient care throughout the continuum of care.  The resultant data output will allow is to extend their mission by allowing them to evaluate the care of both individuals and populations of patients.