Port Aransas couple denied several times by insurance companies, for renters insurance

Posted at 8:35 PM, Apr 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-16 21:35:08-04

They lost everything except the clothes they had packed during Hurricane Harvey but now, one Port Aransas family finds themselves in another catastrophe. 

Sidney and B.J. Grimes evacuated before the storm and came back to a home with everything inside, completely damaged and as the family prepares for this upcoming hurricane season they can’t find an insurance company, to provide them with renters insurance. 

Denial letter after denial letter, insurance companies just won’t provide the Grimes’ with renters insurance..

Sidney Grimes said "1 out of about 10 companies, so far we’ve got nothing but denials because we’re too close to the coast or we’re a hazard zone high risk flooding water."

Sidney, B.J. and their one-year-old son Charlie have fought a hard battle returning to Port Aransas after the storm with five feet of water in their house. They didn’t have renters insurance at the time.

Sidney said "We had just moved out and all that and were just getting on our feet. We didn’t think we’d ever need it so now we’re just trying to play our cards right this time."

A major lesson learned as the family of three gets back on their feet and in their new home. Sidney says they want to make sure their home and belongings are protected this time around.