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DWYM: How to slice your monthly streaming costs

DWYM: Here's how to slash your monthly streaming bill
Posted at 7:59 AM, Feb 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-08 08:59:22-05

Do you have Netflix? Disney Plus? Hulu?

Watch out! They have all been raising their prices during the pandemic.

Remember when cutting the cord, and streaming, was a great way to slash that cable bill?

Not anymore, with so many streaming services raising their rates.

But we found ways to slash your costs to less than $40 a month.

Like so many of us, Jennifer Taylor's streaming bill is getting out of control.

"It keeps getting more and more expensive, paying for Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and having cable, so it's really expensive,” Taylor said.

Ashlynn Jigel has also had enough.

"My bill was getting up there,” she said. “Absolutely, $9.99 for one service, $15.99 for another, and by the time you know it you are upwards of $50 or $60 a month on top of your internet."

She's right:

Have Hulu Live or YouTube TV? They’ve just gone up to $65 a month.

Netflix just went up a dollar to $14.

Disney Plus goes from $7 to $8 in March.

Add internet and you’re at $150 a month!

The number of new streaming services that have popped up in recent years is mind boggling.

And if you have a smart TV, they are all on your home screen to entice you to sign up.

You can subscribe to Disney Plus, HBO Max, Apple TV+, the brand new Discovery+ and to Peacock and CBS All Access.

Where do you stop?

With the help of the tech guide CNET, we found ways to slash that bill.

CNET suggests you drop services you rarely use and then bundle some of the others.

"We were able to see that Disney+ was going to be in a bundle with Hulu and ESPN for a way cheaper amount for all three,” she said.

Instead of Hulu or YouTube's premium services, consider a budget streaming service like Philo or Sling TV, just $30 a month.

Don't watch much Netflix?

CNET says to replace it with a free movie streamer like Pluto.

"It's absolutely free!"

Pam Matthews loves Pluto.

"Just get rid of it and use Pluto TV, and save how much money a month, you know,” she says.

A slim bundle could be:

  • Netflix: $14
  • Disney+ with ad-supported Hulu and ESPN: $14
  • Discovery+ for HGTV, Food Network, Travel Chanel and Animal Planet: $7
  • Peacock's free version, for older network shows:
  • Crackle and Pluto for old movies: free

Then get an antenna, for two dozen local channels free.

Total: just $35 a month. Plus internet.

And if you still want a streaming package that feels like cable?

CNET calls Sling TV the best value at $30 a month.

So you don’t waste your money.