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Don't Waste Your Money: Strange text message must be ignored

Posted at 7:44 PM, Sep 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-07 20:46:38-04

People across the country are receiving a strange text message this month.

It claims a package is waiting for you to pick up.

Here’s what you should do - and not do - if you get this message, so you don't waste your money.

You've probably received email scams claiming to be from your bank or credit card.

But the latest questionable message contacts you by text message...and wait until you see the creepiest part.

David Landeen was tossing wood on his fire pit the other evening when his phone buzzed with a text message.

"It came from this phone number that I did not recognize, area code 470,” Landeen said. “It said 'David we came across a package from June pending for you. Kindly assume ownership and confirm for delivery here.'"

But this was no generic "dear customer email" scam that we've all seen and received.

"This was different from those e-mails scams? I had never received a text scam before, so I wasn't sure if that was what it was,” he said.

Landeen was tempted to click the link, because the sender knew his name.

"It had my name, and of course it had to have my phone number to send me a text,” he said.

But what makes this text message so suspicious is that it doesn't say whether it is from the post office, or the UPS or FedEx, all services that would let you know if they had your package.

Good thing he didn't click.

According to tech expert Kim Komando, people who clicked the link were told they won a gift card.

Fill out the form and you agree to pay a monthly subscription plus you have given them your credit card number.

So you could be scammed twice!

But with most of us shopping online so much these days ...

“We're getting lots of packages these days delivered, and I thought this could possibly be one of those,” he said.

This package pending scam is an easy one to fall for.

Police believe the sender may have purchased your name and cell phone number from a data breach.

But they don’t have your other information, unless you give it to them.

So don’t waste your money.