Consumer Beware: Read the fine print; Taft woman's warranty claim denied

Posted at 5:08 PM, Jan 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-26 18:14:01-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A Taft woman thought her insurance would cover a problem with her plumbing. Turns out, it doesn’t.

Frances Galindo said for some reason unknown to her, she doesn’t have hot or cold water in her kitchen sink.

Everyday, she has to go outside and turn the water on or off at the main valve. She said it's been this way for about three weeks now.

"When you want to take a shower, you have to go turn the water on. If you wanna wash the dishes, you have to turn the water on. If you want anything, off and on. Off and on," said Galindo.

She said she moved into this older house five years ago and hasn’t had any problems until now. Just to protect herself, she signed a four year contract with Choice Home Warranty in June 2019.

She paid in full, nearly $1,200.00, up front, with the understanding that problems like no water in her kitchen sink would be covered.

Galindo said Choice Home Warranty did send people to her house to check it out, but the claim, for $1,600.00 was denied.

We spoke with Choice Home Warranty by phone, they told us they sent Galindo a detailed explanation why they denied the claim. The plumber who looked under the kitchen sink told them the pipes had been installed improperly.

But remember, Galindo said there hadn’t been a problem with the pipes since she moved in five years ago.

A clause in the contract Galindo signed with Choice Warranty reads that the company provides repairs and replacement of all covered systems and appliances that were in the home and in proper operating condition on the agreement effective date.

Galindo's daughter Debbie responded "and they said something about these pipes being wrong ? No. Look, they’re just old. So because they’re old, they’re not going to cover it ?"

Choice Warranty said Galindo can appeal their decision to deny the claim, but in the meantime she waits.

So as a consumer beware, always make sure you read every contract or document you're being asked to sign. Read the small print. Make sure you understand what services you're signing up for.