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Mission of Mercy thriving in Corpus Christi

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Posted at 8:08 AM, Oct 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-16 09:32:53-04

It was not that long ago Mission of Mercy was getting ready to celebrate the opening of its first Texas facility to patients, medical staff and volunteers.

In just a year and a half since opening in Corpus Christi here, the Mission of Mercy has provided more than 10,000 free patient visits.

“We continue to try and make an impact in our community because so many of our low-income patients need assistance," said Mission of Mercy Executive Director Sherry Bowers. "From everything from their vision to eating healthier to, of course, their medical needs. So we are here to provide the resources that they need at no cost to them."

Mission of Mercy is a nonprofit organization which also has locations in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Maryland. According to its website, it is a faith-based group that receives no government funding.

With the help of local community partnerships, Mission of Mercy has been able to add even more programs for patients such as behavioral-health consulting and free cooking classes.

“This is where we teach our patients from everything to how to shop for better foods, cook more appropriate healthy meals, and even if they are going to a fast-food restaurant, what is the best thing on the menu that they can select,” Bowers said.

These nutritional cooking classes also are a great way to help those who are diabetic.

“These programs are necessary for our patients because 2/3 of our patients are diabetic, overweight, (have) high cholesterol, and other chronic illness," Bowers said. "So we are here to provide the services and skills they need to better manage their diabetes, and we even have a diabetes support group.”

Without the help of its 130 volunteers and 25 physicians, Mission of Mercy could not meet the community's growing demands.

“This is a very busy time at Mission of Mercy," she said. "We are providing flu shots, and many of our patients were not able to be seen in the summer so they are catching up on their medical care. All of our classes are in full force, so we are trying our best to make the biggest impact.”

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