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Tests for 'forever chemicals' near local bases within health advisory limits

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Posted at 4:23 PM, May 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-05 12:07:30-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Samples of drinking water surrounding military bases in Corpus Christi and Kingsville have confirmed that 'forever chemicals' are within U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Lifetime Health Advisory levels, according to a statement from the Navy.

The Navy began testing private drinking water wells in February around Naval Air Stations Corpus Christi and Kingsville, as well as Outlying Field Waldron, for two PFAS chemicals, specifically perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). Those chemicals have been used in products to resist heat, such as firefighting foam used to extinguish aircraft accidents.

Test results released Monday show that all samples drawn from the Coastal Bend are validated by the 70 parts per trillion standards for both chemical substances.

In a 6 Investigates story back in December, KRIS 6 News reported that the government acknowledged forever chemicals have been linked to cancer, among other health issues.

The Navy said its voluntary testing is part of an ongoing effort nationwide to make sure the use of those products has not impacted surrounding communities.

Property owners living in a designated testing areas that would like to request a test of their well water are encouraged to call (833) 737-7267.

For more information about the Navy's PFAS initiative and drinking water testing program, visit