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Robstown man will do anything to provide for his family

Posted at 8:03 AM, Aug 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-27 18:05:21-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — One man in Robstown is fighting to support his family by working jobs that many of us use every day.

"I do Uber, I do Lyft, I do Door Dash, Favor, whatever I can do and my computer stuff on the side, my phone stuff on the side so I can bring some money in to pay some bills,” says Robstown resident, Augustin Betancourt.

His jobs are services we all use daily.

After losing his father and his brother-in-law last year, Betancourt stepped up to help make ends meet. He seeks work with a flexible schedule so he can dedicate more of his time to looking for his mother and sister.

“We’ve had bad luck before, this is pretty bad luck but I can't really dwell on it and say why did this happen to me,” says Betancourt.

His latest goal, literally is keeping a roof over his family's head.

“We want to fix the roof but we can't because it's too much money and now when it rains the water comes through my roof,” says Guadalupe Pena Betancourt, Augustin's mother.

A blue tarp is all that separates Mrs. Betancourt from the blistering hot sun and strong winds not to mention the rain. Augustin says he's working overtime to find his family a permanent solution.

“What would really help is to find out if there is anywhere that can help with fixing her roof or little house repairs, it's really for her all for her,” he says.

He's juggling multiple gigs all for her.

People with stories like Augustin are right here in our community working every day.

If you know about roof or house repairs Augustine asks the community to reach out to him on Facebook or by text at (361)879-5711.

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