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Ingleside on the Bay residents hoping for solution to their concerns

Posted at 7:55 AM, Jan 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-28 08:55:32-05

INGLESIDE ON THE BAY, TX — When moving to a coastal town it's important to remember the effects that the bays or gulf can have on residential properties. Ingleside on the Bay residents are aware of the effects that the La Quinta Channel presents, but still have concerns of heavy vessel traffic and rising sea levels.

As the Port of Corpus Christi continues to grow as the 3rd largest port in the U.S. and the leader in U.S. Crude Oil exports. With the dredging of the Port, this allows for more vessels to pass through. Which means many of them are passing through the La Quinta Channel, a backyard for many residents in Ingleside on the Bay.

Over the years, residents in Ingleside on the Bay have dealt with destroyed bulkheads, washed away shorelines and water flowing up on their property. With growing concerns, people in the area reached out to the Port for help in coming up with some solutions that are best for both parties.

"We understand that this is part of living here and we just want to work positively with our industry partners and the Port of Corpus Christi and our navigation districts to mitigate the negative effects and accentuate the positives of our community, we all love living here," Kathryn Masten-Cain said. Masten-Cain is just one of the board members of the Ingleside on the Bay Coastal Watch Association that was newly formed to help address the issues of the growing town.

"The Port decided that they would help protect certain parts of our community along Bayshore that has seen the worst impacts."

However, although the residents reached out to the Port for help, the Port of Corpus Christi technically is not responsible nor liable for the negative effects that the vessels cause to the homes along Bayshore Dr.

Port of Corpus Christi CEO, Sean Strawbridge said, "we as a good steward in this community felt that we could help out by at least commissioning a study, which we did."

That study was introduced in the January 21st Port of Corpus Christi meeting.

The study will be shared with solutions to the residents issues at a public meeting that will be held Wednesday evening at Brass Turtle Restaurant at 7:30. During this meeting, the community is encouraged to agree on a solution that will best fit the residents that live in Ingleside on the Bay.