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Flooding in Aransas Pass disturbs daily activities

Some residents not able to go to work or store
Posted at 7:03 AM, May 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-17 08:03:13-04

ARANSAS PASS, Texas — Many residents of Aransas Pass are not able to do their daily activities because of the flooding due to the weather. It’s making it hard for them to do things like go to work or the grocery store.

“I was trying to get groceries and try to figure out which is the least flooded. I have to borrow a truck that could barely make it through these waters and even with the truck that I’m using right now…it’s my dad’s truck…it was pushing it,” David Benavides, a resident of Aransas Pass said.

Benavides said flooding has been a problem ever since he was a kid. He said his house is currently flooded and causing the carpet to mold, so he’s thinking of getting tile floors instead. He said the city could do a lot better when it comes to flooding season.

“The City should definitely look into the draining system. They could do a lot better with a lot of the stuff. I think the City puts their money into….I don’t think they use common sense. I think they put money into places that shouldn’t be done. I don’t think they prioritize it the right way,” Benavides said.

Another Aransas Pass resident, David Montemayor said his house often gets flooded during hurricane season, but said luckily his house didn’t flood today, but he said his back yard gets flooded often. He said cars passing by his house push the water towards his house and the drainage system isn’t helping.

“The street lays this way and this one this way and what it is is the draining system drains too slow. All it takes is four to five inches and we’re flooded,” Montemayor said.

Others like Kayla Leal weren’t able to go to work today because of the flooding. She said it will be hard on her financially, but she’s spending time with her family instead.

“It’s really stressful….it’s kind of discouraging and also I have the mindset of the universe let’s things happen or doesn’t let things happen and the universe decided today should be raining and no work,” Leal said.

She said she thinks the flooding will go away in about a day.