Justin Timberlake apologizes to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson

Justin Timberlake
Posted at 11:47 AM, Feb 12, 2021

NEW YORK (AP) — In a lengthy social media post, Justin Timberlake says that he wants to apologize to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson "because I care for and respect these women and I know I failed."

Timberlake's post comes a week after the release of "The New York Times Presents: Framing Britney," the FX and Hulu documentary that takes a historical look at the circumstances that led to Spears' conservatorship in 2008 and highlights the #FreeBritney movement of fans who want to see her given control of her life.

The documentary aired an old interview when Timberlake spoke about sleeping with his former girlfriend and how he ridiculed her by hiring a look-a-like for his "Cry Me a River" music video.

Timberlake apologized to Jackson, who he performed with at the Super Bowl in 2004.

Timberlake pulled back part of Jackson's outfit during their performance, which Timberlake considered a "wardrobe malfunction," revealing her breast, which caused a national controversy, Variety reported.

According to Rolling Stone, after the performance, Jackson faced public scrutiny while also having her music blacklisted from the radio and her career took a momentarily hit.

Timberlake seemed to have escaped unscathed, having been asked back to perform at the Super Bowl twice since the controversial performance, The Associated Press reported.