ELECTION 2020: Ingleside Mayor

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Posted at 3:46 PM, Nov 03, 2020

INGLESIDE, Texas — The Ingleside mayoral spot is looking to be one of the biggest races in San Patricio County.

Current Mayor of Ingleside, Ronnie Parker has an extensive resume working for the city's council then jumping into the mayoral seat.

"I think I brought some stability into our council chambers," said Parker.

"Precinct 4 has had the lowest count of COVID infections amongst all the precincts in San Patricio County. And I feel a lot of it has to do with me working directly with our Chief of Police which is our Emergency Manager Coordinator."

Parker said he has spoken to the residents of Ingleside and understands that the community is hoping to bring more development into the area.

"We've got a $12 million expansion lined up for our housing subdivision," Parker said. Our citizens in that area have been promised for over 30 years that we would go in and replace their infrastructure to redo the roads and everything else. It looks like it's going to happen."

Parker is a Marine Corps veteran who said he will be waiting for results at the VFW Post in Ingleside.

The opposing candidate is Pedro Oscar Adame and many citizens know him by Oscar.

"I was pro-tem and emergency operations coordinator, this has been my community for 52 years. My family has been here for over 100 years in the community. I would do anything for this town," he said.

Adame also said the biggest issues moving forward are focusing on streets and infrastructure.

"I want to see our roads, infrastructure and drainage improved. Where's our taxpayer money going to?" He asked.

When asked what his first plan of action would be, Adame said it's all about working with the council to develop the rest of Ingleside.

"My plan of action is to work with developers and community to bring more retail in," he said.

Adame said once you get the streets and infrastructure moving then people will come.

He has been a volunteer firefighter for almost 35 years and said no matter what happens, he will be there for the community, "win or lose."

He plans to wait for results outside of the Ingleside City Hall around 8 p.m.