ELECTION 2020: Freer Mayor and San Diego Council, Place 4 race

Posted at 4:07 PM, Nov 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-03 17:09:53-05

SAN DIEGO, Texas — San Diego City Council, Place 4 has three candidates running. San Diego, Texas is a city in Duval and Jim Wells counties. San Diego is primarily in Duval County, which is the county seat.

The city of San Diego, Texas is the hometown of incumbent Araceli "Shelly" Gaitan-Ochoa. She is running for re-election for San Diego Council, Place 4, and said she loves raising her daughters and family in the city and has learned how the city works. She enjoys help from the other city councilmembers and the Mayor.

Gaitan-Ochoa said she understands that one of the issues in the city is that the roads are bad.

"I just want to continue working on that, it takes time, it doesn't happen overnight," she said. "A lot of the community needs to understand that. We want to explain it to them and make sure that they understand that financially it takes a lot and it takes time."

Gaitan-Ochoa said that they are working in phases with fixing the streets and right now they are in phase two.

"A lot of these streets flood, the water is not going anywhere. We need it to drain somewhere. If you are going to fix something you need to do it the right way," Gaitan-Ochoa said. Drainage has to be a priority to not damage the new street, she said.

"It's something that takes time and with us being a small community... we are working with what we are given," she added

We reached out to Issabelle N. Garcia but she declined an interview. The other candidate Vivian Garcia Saenz rescheduled her interview for Tuesday the day of the election.

The Freer Mayoral race one to be sure to look out for in this upcoming election come Tuesday. We reached out to Arnoldo (Guero) Cantu and Arturo (Art) S. Grande but neither were available for a comment. Freer, located in Duval County, has a population of about 2,800 people.