Watching the joy of reading excite these students

Zavala Elementary School students presented six books apiece
Zavala Elementary School students receive their books
Posted at 1:13 PM, Jan 20, 2022

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The chilly weather makes it very easy to grab a blanket and a good book.

Well, six books to be exact for each Zavala Elementary School student who will be going home with today.

It's a very energetic library today inside the school.

Classes are rotating through here all day.

And each student leaves with a bag of six books each.

Meteorologist Juan Acuña and I helped a first-grade class this morning pick out a few.

This is happening because of a donation drive that we at Scripps hosted back in the fall.

With the help of our parent company - E.W. Scripps - KRIS 6 raised $14,000.

That money was used to buy nearly 3,000 books.

All of them are being given away to students here today.

Take a look at some of their favorites.

"My favorite books from this library are these," first-grade student Kamila Presas said. "I like these two the most because they have a start keychain and little mermaid tail."

A lot of the students here love to read… and understand - even at their young age - that reading gives them an edge in the classroom.

We also met with Zavala Elementary School principal Judith Hinojosa about the importances of the program.

This is all part of the "If You Give a Child a Book" campaign to promote childhood literacy.

Our Scripps Company partners with Title I schools to reach underserved children and help them learn to read.