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Two Flour Bluff Intermediate dads stop traffic as January's KRIS 6 Angels

The two men show up, without failure, every day
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January KRIS 6 Angels
Posted at 3:14 PM, Jan 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-06 09:30:53-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Every month, KRIS 6 News honors someone in our community who has done something good for others.

This month, we are honoring two men who were nominated by folks over at Flour Bluff Intermediate.

Here’s what the nomination said:

KRIS 6 Angels Nomination

The two men show up, without failure, every single afternoon and help kids not only safely cross the street at Flour Bluff Intermediate, but they also help whenever they are needed, like at field trips.

The two happen to be dads who each have a daughter that attends the school. They’ve each been volunteering since each of their girls were little.

"We couldn't do it without them and they do it with such a joyful heart and just a great attitude," said Sal Alvarado, principal at Flour Bluff Intermediate."They've been following their daughters throughout. Volunteering since kinder, 1st grade, so they've been doing this and helping the district out for many years" Alvarado went on to say.

"Whenever they came in they were like ‘whatever we need to do to help, we're here’ and they've done whatever has been asked of them, and they do it not only well but they do it top notch."

KRIS 6 News couldn't help but accept the nomination to make John Valadez and Jason Mayne KRIS 6 Angels. We surprised them just before Christmas break.

When we presented Jason Mayne with his plaque, he said with a smile that we made him cry.

January's KRIS 6 Angel

“I do it for the kids. I come up here and see my daughter every day and it gives me the opportunity to see her and help out, you know. It's great idea. I encourage more men to do it. It's a great thing” said Jason.

We caught John Valadez off guard too.

“Wow. That is awesome. Thank you so much. Thank you…I have tears in my eyes.”

John Valadez KRIS 6 Angel

"We just do this because we love doing it and being around my child, being around other children, it's just meaningful. It's priceless. It's amazing. I’m blessed. I thank God. God first, who blesses me with this gift to bless us with this gift,” said John.