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KRIS 6 Angel: The Texas Riviera Empire recognized for their generosity

Posted at 2:21 PM, Dec 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-07 15:21:13-05

A local organization is helping a local resource center in a big way with thousands of dollars in donations, in this week's KRIS 6 Angel.

The Rainbow Room is a center that aids Child Protective Services locally, Norma Pineda, President of the Rainbow Room said.

The room helps provide necessities for children. She added that although the children will never know what goes into providing these items, it's all worth it.

"They'll never know who we are, but that's ok," she said.

A strangers kindness for a child that may need it, no matter the situation, Pineda just wants the children that go through CPS to have a good experience.

"The rainbow room is a resource center here in child protective services where we have anything and everything that a child may need once it is removed or a family needs assistance," Pineda said.

This room full of clothes, toys, shoes, and goodies provides children a sense of hope and most importantly love.

"It's what we do, it's the love we have for doing that," Pineda said.

It takes money and donations to keep this needed resource center going and one local organization is making that happen. The Texas Riviera Empire donated over $21,000 to the Rainbow Room.

"We never had a big donation like that, that just made our whole year. This year and for the years to come," Pineda added.

Andrew Wilcox and Raven Kane-James, with the Texas Riviera Empire said they hosted different fundraising events, including food plate sales and performances with people who do the art of illusion.

"Rainbow room has been very close to our hearts and they are a very special organization," Wilcox said.

Raven Kane-James, the Empress of T.R.E said this is close to the organizations heart.

"That's why I do what I do, because it fills a special spot in my heart," James said.

The Texas Riviera Empires takes part in this fundraisers without expecting anything in return.

"It's important for them to have it, it is not important for them to know it was us," Wilcox said.

"We will be here to help anybody, just contact us," Kane-James added.

This is why the Texas Riviera Empire is a KRIS 6 angel.

If you would like more information or donate to the Texas Riviera Empire, click here.