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KRIS 6 Angel devotes lifetime to Beeville VFD

Posted at 7:09 PM, Aug 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-04 20:45:34-04

BEEVILLE, Texas — Our KRIS 6 Angel for August has given nearly a lifetime of service to the Beeville Fire Department.

And while she doesn't fight fires, she makes sure those who do are taken care of.

“She wasn't Superman running into burning buildings, saving people; she was there to help Superman,” said Darren Blankenship.

She's been doing it for 70 years. Lucille Weniger's husband Wally joined the Seguin Fire Department in 1946. That was Lucille’s first experience with the ladies auxiliary.

The couple moved to Beeville in 1955, when Wally got a job as a firefighter at NAS Chase Field. He also joined Beeville’s volunteer fire department. Lucille, as always, by his side as part of the ladies auxiliary.

“When there's big fires, if they need drinks or food or anything, it's taken to them,” said Weniger.

Wally was with the department 43 years, 24 as as assistant chief, until he passed in 1998. Lucille served with the auxiliary the entire time, and kept serving even after Wally’s death.

Their legacy is carried on today by Blankenship, their grandson.

“Growing up, we had fire department memorabilia everywhere,” said Blankenship. “It was only natural I would gravitate towards the fire service.”

Blankenship says it’s tough to talk about one of his grandparents without mentioning the other, because their legacy is so intertwined when it comes to the fire department.

Blankenship says his fellow firefighters are always checking on Lucille.

“I’m constantly being asked how she's doing,” said Blankenhip.

After 65 years of service, Lucille is grateful.

“That was my life, I'd do anything for that fire department,” said Weniger.