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At the Angry Marlin restaurant, it's all about the sauce

Red chili sauce is a Family Favorite Food
Posted at 7:45 AM, May 06, 2021
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CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — If you visit the Angry Marlin on the Island, owner Glen Meier and Chef Laura Lacona will say, "It’s all about the sauce."

To find out what makes the sauce so special, KRIS 6 News Sunrise Anchor Paulo Salazar heads to the kitchen to take a taste in his newest edition of Family Favorite Foods.

Just a short drive across the JFK Causeway you'll find the Angry Marlin Cool Water Bar. The restaurant prides itself on bringing New Mexico tradition to the Coastal Bend. It's the owner's red chili sauce that's quickly become a local favorite.

“It's all about the sauce. For me, it Goes back to the Colombian Exchange when products were brought from Europe and mixed with product in the United States," said Head Chef of Black Sheep Bistro and Angry Marlin, Laura Lacona. "I grew up with the famous question red or green? The Red chili sauce is in or on everything you can eat here and you could even eat it by itself. It’s very generational. And it’s a real debate among families. "

Chef Laura says it's quite the task to prep for the family recipe.

“We’re going to be re-hydrating chili pods. Some use the seeds and some don’t. In my family, they had to be pushed out," she said.

Then it's all about blending the ingredients together. By combining the hydrated chili pods with onion, garlic, Santa Fe oregano, some red onions and Jalapenos the sauce starts to come together. A short time on the grill to simmer and it's done.

Chef Laura says the red chili sauce is great over the Angry Marlin's pork belly that's been braising overnight.

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