A tall problem: parents concerned about overgrown grass on Wooldridge Road

Posted at 6:51 PM, Sep 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-04 20:07:22-04

"It's a jungle out there!" For parents of some Adkins Middle School students, that phrase has taken on an entire new meaning.

Parents say that's what their kids are having to walk through as they go to and from school.

"It was like almost as tall as me, maybe even taller," said Calib Fasset, who used to walk to school everyday through the jungle on Wooldridge Road.

It's about three or four feet tall in some areas, and marks a new low for those who have to trek through it.

"So you have to bring a jacket if you're walking, or else it will rub against your arms and get itchy," said Fassett.

There's not much room to walk on that sidewalk, but when Fassett went to school, he can only remember the grass being cut a handful of times.

Lisa Yeathermon, a nearby neighbor and mother, also drives on Wooldridge Road regularly. She says it's a big concern for children's safety.

"What I'll see is, a lot of kids will not walk on the sidewalk, and that's when it gets really dangerous," said Yeathermon.

It becomes dangerous especially when the kids are forced to walk on the side of the busy road.

So what about walking on the other side of the road? Well there's no sidewalk there, meaning kids will have to take the jungle trail to get to school.

"The possibility of snakes... or if kids get rashes easily from brush or anything like that, you just never know," said Yeathermon.

A spokesperson for CCISD tells KRIS 6 Adkins Middle School has not received any formal complaints from students or parents about the overgrown grass.

KRIS 6 did reach out to code enforcement to see whose responsibility it is to cut the grass, or when it will be cut. We're still waiting to hear back.