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You Can Now Buy PopSockets Koozies

You Can Now Buy PopSockets Koozies
Posted at 7:00 AM, Nov 08, 2019

PopSockets dropped into the tech world in 2012 and revolutionized how we hold our smartphones. By simply adding a stylish piece of plastic and rubber to the back of our smartphones, PopSockets helped our hands avoid those dreaded cramps we get when holding our phones for too long. Sure, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not the largest problem we face today, but PopSockets latched on to the issue and created a fun and funky solution.

Now they’re taking their ingenious invention in a whole new direction — canned beverages and on-the-go cups. The company’s new PopThirst line takes everything that’s awesome about the original PopSockets and transfers it to your favorite beverage!


PopThirst combines everything that’s both cool and practical with drink koozies and adds PopSockets to the party.

There are two varieties of PopThirst add-ons. First, there’s the PopThirst Can Holders, which wrap around most standard-sized cans. They’re made of a foam material meant to stay put around the can and in your hand. The goal is to keep your hand comfy and prevent spills of any kind. The PopThirst Can Holder also comes with a swappable PopGrip to give drinkers a secure hold of their beverage, allowing you to mix and match your grips to your mood. With dozens of designs available (from floral to your favorite sports teams), there’s something for everyone.


Next, there’s the PopThirst Cup Sleeve, which will keep your favorite cup of joe or tea nice and secure while keeping your hands cool and comfy. When you’re on the road or sitting at your kid’s outdoor soccer game, you obviously want to have that warm drink on hand. The PopThirst Cup Sleeve gives you the same fashion flexibility and convenient holder as its counterpart. Plus, it folds flat when you’re done!


Wondering if it’s really all that? A post from the brand’s Instagram feed shows the product in action:

Okay. I’m convinced.

At only $15 a pop (we couldn’t resist the pun), the PopThirst Can Holder and PopThirst Cup Sleeve could make the perfect stocking stuffer, or even a “just because” gift for a friend (or yourself?). No judgments here!

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