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We're Here: Wild Veggie Bouquet

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Posted at 1:27 PM, Feb 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-11 14:27:17-05

Untraditional has become a tradition for local master florist Julia Prokhorova.

Originally a biologist from Russia, Prokhorova moved to the U.S. in 2015. When she realized continuing her career here would require additional training, she started experimenting in a different way.

In 2016, Wild Veggie Bouquet was born.

“I thought it may be a good chance to try something else because it's a new life,”she said. “How about I just tried doing something I loved? I love flowers.”

Julia wants to provide more than just an average experience and wants her product to not be just another grocery-store bouquet -- That’s why she uses garden flowers to make a range of things from flower crowns to bouquets.

“Any arrangement coming from this studio (looks) like just a piece of nature,” she said. “Just a piece of real garden, that somebody just pull it out and bring it to your home.”

She uses untraditional elements in her arrangements, such as veggies and herbs, to add depth and contrast. The wild, “nature” look has become her trademark.

“Once in a while, people will ask for a dozen roses,” she said. “But honestly, I am not the right person for this. Yes, I can do this, but I can do so much more than this.”

Customers say a lot of care goes into what she makes, which makes her products a little bit more special.

It’s what keeps Valeria Ford, a longtime customer, coming back.

“Her creativity, and the magic behind each arrangement, and how much thought she puts into each arrangement and how beautiful they are,” she said.

Prokhorova’s attention to detail and passion keep her busy and successful. Every flower has a purpose, she said, and she’s a perfectionist when it comes to her blooms. She only uses the best of the best, importing flowers from as far as Holland and Hawaii.

“It's been a very exciting experience, from the beginning, when I discovered Julia's profile on Instagram," Ford said.

She also offers classes once a month, but she says that those go fast. They change from month to month and can range from learning to make her flower crowns, to this month’s class, which is all about romantic arrangements for the holiday. You can find out more about these on her Facebook page.

"I get so much positive energy; this makes me so happy, and I know that the arrangements that I'm sending out here are beautiful because I make an arrangement, I wouldn't mind giving myself," she said.