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We're Here: Morgan St. Seafood

Posted at 7:33 PM, Mar 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-13 20:33:08-04

Morgan St. Seafood has been reeling in good eats in Corpus Christi for over 60 years.

"It was started in 1960 by my mom and dad, it was only 'Seven Seas' back in the old days, and then when we moved to Morgan (Street), we converted the name to Morgan St. Seafood and it's been like that since 1997," Charlie Alegria, Morgan St. Seafood owner, said.

The local business has been family owned and operated for 62 years. Alegria said because the business grew so quickly, it's what caused them to move locations.

"We found this location and we love it here," Alegria said. "It's on the west side of town. It's actually the area that i grew up in, so it's like coming home. I love the west side, I love this barrio."

Alegria showed KRIS 6 News some of the fish Morgan St. Seafood works with daily.

"This is black drum right here, black drum filet," Alegria said. "That's all they're working on right now, for the local restaurant. This will be going out this afternoon, they'll be served tonight in the local area."

Alegria said 2020 was a "tough year" because most of his company's product was geared towards restaurants, and restaurants could only do to-go menus.

"It was tough, so the pandemic hurt a lot," Alegria said. "I just got aggressive and started searching for more and more restaurants. We started selling to other wholesalers, we started going to other supermarkets to sell to them (...) We have excess fish we sell (to other cities).

Alegria said they have even gone as far out as Louisiana to get oysters to sell to other restaurants locally. They've also had their fare share of local fish, and gulf shrimp, as well.

The latest thing for Morgan St. Seafood however, is teaching the community about how to prepare their seafood.

"Well, right here, what we are about to start doing is we are going to start demonstrations on how to cook seafood," Katelyn Engler, Social Media Marketer for Morgan St. Seafood, said. "Restaurants that may want some ideas on how to prepare lunches and dinners, we're gonna start working on that and this is all gonna be featured on our Facebook page."

Engler said they hope to start it within the next two or three weeks.

"Soon we will be having guest chefs and maybe even Charlie himself, to show every one at home what they can do with our products," she said.

"I love what I do, it's not work to me, it's fun," Alegria said. "Seafood-mostly i like the fact that it changes everyday. I never know what the weather is gonna allow us to catch or what's gonna go on in sales and purchasing. Every day is a different day in the seafood business."