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We're Here: Mesquite House BBQ & Catering Co. welcomes customers

Mesquite House BBQ & Catering Co. open for business
Staff had to adjust to strict COVID guidelines
Customers are treated like family as soon as they enter
Posted at 12:11 PM, Apr 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-06 14:13:31-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — In managing the pressure during these challenging and trying times, local businesses across South Texas have struggled to do their best to keep their doors open.

If you ever stroll around Mesquite House BBQ & Catering at 3401 Morgan Ave., you can expect fresh smoke coming from mesquite wood filling the parking lot. These are all principles that bring quality to life for workers at the eatery.

“You really want to try what’s authentic, we’re authentic, we’re here, you know night and day," Mesquite House pitmaster Eduardo Vasquez said. "I mean we’re walking zombies man, these pits they don’t cook by themselves. I mean you got to feed these pits and that’s what makes us different from anybody else."

Vasquez says his family-owned business was hit with challenges ranging from remodeling to the ongoing pandemic. The business opened in September 2020 with a handful of workers.

“It was slow but when you have these pits fired up and the smoke is going around the whole neighborhood I don’t think it’s going to stop anyone and get some good brisket,” said Vasquez.

However, value still stood strong and customers fully notice.

“This is fantastic barbecue,” said customer Paul Nugent.

Visitors say homegrown small businesses like Mesquite House BBQ must have community support as they continue to fight the economic challenges caused by the pandemic.

“I think fine dining in any shape in any size in this community is to be rewarded and this man is bringing it back full force,” said Nugent.

And they are doing it while treating customers like family.

“You know, it’s how you treat people that are going to make them come back again," Vasquez said. "So service and recognizing that it’s them that keep these doors open, not us."