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We're Here: La Casita de Barro makes one woman's dream tangible

Posted at 2:05 PM, Sep 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-24 15:05:56-04

La Casita de Barro Imports started as a dream for Neyla Barajas.

The store's name, which translates to "The Little House of Clay," features handmade pottery from Mexico's interior states of Jalisco and Michoacán.

"There's no machines making this," Barajas said. "It's actual people sitting there, painting by hand. Every piece that you see here -- and we have the potential to see them -- when you look at the colors, every piece will never be the same because they're all hand painted."

The shop began as a side gig for Barajas, and has grown since it opened in 2018.

"I love planters," she said. "I love pottery. I love what Mexico has to offer and everything."

Since then, she also been able to build up her inventory as well as her clientele.

"Oh, she got a variety of stuff each season," said Sheila Lipstreu, one of her customers.

The shop has a variety items for sale: home decor, as well as bowls and platters, chimeneas, and even embroidered hats.

"That was my goal," she said. "Try to bring in as many things if I could -- different things -- like where people have variety at an affordable price. Why? So you don't have to break the bank to come and buy something."

All of her items come from Mexico, and feature traditional Mexican designs. Some even honor Mexican customs themselves.

"La Catrina is a tradition in Mexico," she said. On Nov. 2, people celebrate the death. So it's not something sad, it's something to celebrate."

The shop allows Barajas to share a piece of her native country in Corpus Christi.

"You don't have to drive two hours in," she said. "And now with coronavirus, people didn't want to go anywhere because they feel -- none of us feel -- comfortable going to places."

Customer Dora Gerber appreciates the option.

"It beats going to Mexico," she said. "And I love what thy have here. I have bought several items here."

La Casita de Barro is located at 5317 S. Staples, set back from the street between Banuelos Tires and Stripes.