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More stray rain chances today, with hot temperatures

Saharan dust will return to South Texas this weekend
Increasing clouds over the Gulf waters - Photo By: FB Coastal Bend Weather Watcher Lu Ann Kingsbury
Posted at 5:23 AM, Jul 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-28 10:28:12-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — High pressure has moved off to the southeastern half of the United States and with the clockwise flow that goes around the high, we’re seeing pockets of tropical moisture move into South Texas. The result is a few stray-to-isolated showers in the area.

Yesterday, mainly our southern counties and inland communities saw a few raindrops as most of us missed out.

That will continue to be the case through the end of the week. Though the rain chances are there, they are small, and will do nothing more than to tease many of us who so desperately need the rain to fall.

Despite the small rain chances and a few extra clouds, it’ll still be hot each day, with highs hovering right near the seasonal average of 95 degrees. Heat-index values will continue to also climb each day around 105-110 as well.

A pocket of Saharan Dust will move in on Saturday and Sunday, degrade our air quality, and also create hazy conditions over the weekend. In addition, it will bump our afternoon high temperatures up a degree or two as well.

A weak upper-level disturbance will move into the area late Sunday and into Monday, and result in a slightly better chance of rain for the area. We’ll put isolated showers in the forecast with some locations possibly picking up around a quarter-inch.

Though these chances are only isolated in nature, they are not widespread, or likely for the entire area. So that means there’s a good chunk of the Coastal Bend that will see nothing at all, and only the hot temperatures and a few more clouds.

Tropical Atlantic continues to be very quiet.

Today: Mainly sunny-to-partly-cloudy skies, with another round of stray showers possible, especially during the peak daytime heating hours; otherwise, windy, hot and humid…High: 95…Wind: SE 15-25 MPH…Heat Index: 104-110.

Tonight: Partly cloudy, quiet and mild…Low: 77…Wind: SSE 5-10 MPH.

Friday: Mainly sunny-to-partly-cloudy again with a stray chance of a few showers; staying windy, hot and very muggy…High: 95…Wind: SE 15-25 MPH…Heat Index: 104-110.

Saturday: More sunshine and hotter with hazy skies as Saharan Dust moves into the area…High: 96…Wind: SE 15-25 MPH…Heat Index: 105-111.

Sunday: Hazy, hot, and very muggy with isolated chances of a few showers growing late in the day and into Monday; only isolated though, not widespread…High: 96…Wind: ESE 10-20 MPH…Heat Index: 105-111.

Monday: Partly cloudy with some isolated showers in the area, some could potentially be on the heavier side, but many of us will not participate; only pockets of rainfall will be around; remaining hot and on the windy side…High: 95…Wind: SE 15-25 MPH…Heat Index: 105-111.

Tuesday: Mainly sunny skies, small rain chances exit, muggy and windy…High: 96…Wind: SE 15-25 MPH…Heat Index: 105-111.

Have a great day, and here is to hoping you find one of those tropical showers moving through the area!