Increasing clouds today with mild temperatures

Strong cold front arrives early Friday afternoon
Cloudy skies over the Gulf of Mexico waters - Photo By: FB Coastal Bend Weather Watcher Marvin Orellana
Posted at 5:08 AM, Mar 10, 2022

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — It seems like our temperatures have just been going up and down and up and down over the last several months; and you wouldn’t be wrong with that train of thinking.

We have observed several strong cold fronts this season that has brought some very cold temperatures to the region, but every time we get one of these fronts, we see temperatures increase out ahead of them. So, there are times we go from the 70s and 80s to the 20s and 30s.

The cold front coming on Friday is going to be no exception to that.

We’ll see highs today, despite increasing clouds, in the 70s across most of the region. Coastal areas will remain in the 60s.

The cold front is forecast to arrive just after the midday hours and will bring with it a few isolated showers into South Texas. Rainfall amounts will be dismal, but it’s the best chance of rain in the next 7-days. Once the front moves through your area, where temperatures are likely to max into the low to mid-70s, the temperatures will take a strong dip and eventually end up in the 30s by Saturday morning.

In addition, winds will still be a bit on the breezy side by early Saturday morning that wind chill values will fall into the mid to upper 20s. Be sure to protect pets, pipes and plants if you live away from the coastline as a light freeze is expected. Coastal communities, including the city of Corpus Christi, are forecast to remain just above freezing.

The cold air won’t stick around for a long time though. We’ll only top the upper 50s to low 60s on Saturday with sunny skies and we’ll fall back into the 30s on Sunday morning. However, by Sunday afternoon, we’ll see highs near 70.

A southeasterly wind will kick in early next week and by Monday afternoon we’ll see temperatures near 80 degrees. A weak front moves in late Monday and into Tuesday, but it will do little to cool us down. Highs on Tuesday will still be in the mid to upper 70s. Heading into the middle and end of next week, we’ll see mainly sunny skies and highs near the 80-degree mark with little to no chance of rainfall.

Today: AM dense fog, increasing clouds throughout the day, milder…High: 72…Wind: ESE 10-20 MPH.

Tonight: Muggy, cool and quiet with some dense patchy fog development possible…Low: 57…Wind: ESE 5-10 MPH.

Friday: Humid with isolated showers in the area as a strong cold front pushes into the region just after the midday hours; winds will increase and temperatures will drop as front moves by…High: 72 (prior to front)…Wind: NNE 15-25 MPH & gusting around 35-45 MPH.

Saturday: Very cold morning with a light freeze inland; mainly sunny and cool…High: 60…Wind: ENE 10-15 MPH.

Sunday: Winds increase again, and we’ll pick up a few clouds with milder temperatures…High: 68…Wind: SE 15-25 MPH.

Monday: Mainly sunny, very warm, muggy and windy…High: 79…Wind: SE 15-25 MPH.

Tuesday: A weak cold front moves in early, still mainly clear and mild…High: 77…Wind: ENE 10-15 MPH.

Have a great day!