Colder temperatures moving back into South Texas

Highs will go from the 90s yesterday to the 50s this afternoon
Clouds overtake beach out near Bob Hall Pier - Photo By: FB Coastal Bend Weather Watcher Marvin Orellana
Posted at 5:17 AM, Feb 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-23 10:19:30-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — After achieving a record high yesterday at Corpus Christi International Airport of 91 degrees, breaking the old record of 89° set back in 1980, we’re going to flip the switch and head to the opposite side of the spectrum with much cooler temperatures in store today as a surge of cold air filters into the Coastal Bend this morning.

Overcast and mainly cloudy skies will take over the region as the cooler air moves in at the surface and warmer air rides overhead and creates an overrunning pattern that will result in a few spots of some drizzle throughout the day.

Highs for the day have already been achieved for most and we’ll see temperatures drop as the day progresses from the 70s this morning to eventually the 60s, 50s and 40s. Don’t forget the jacket as you leave today because you may need them later this afternoon!

A second surge of cold air associated with an arctic cold front will reinforce South Texas by late Thursday and into Friday and remind us that winter is most certainly not over.

Over the next several days, we’ll hold on to mainly cloudy skies with only a few hints of sunshine later today and tomorrow. The rainfall opportunity is present in the form of light rain and drizzle, but of course, with that kind of rainfall the accumulation doesn’t amount to much. In fact, the best day to see the drizzle transition over to pockets of light rain showers will be on Friday and Saturday. At best, many locations will stay well below about three tenths of an inch of rain.

Highs will fall into the 50s for Thursday, only into the upper 40s to low 50s on Friday as the next front moves through and the low 50s for Saturday. So very chilly air will be in place.

The clouds will help keep temperatures well above freezing, so that is a bit of good news. However, certainly bundle up to keep warm.

Next chance to see some good sunshine with milder temperatures will be on Sunday as we’ll see partly cloudy skies with highs in the upper 50s to low 60s.

Temperatures will moderate even further as we begin next week with 60s on Monday and low 70s on Tuesday under partly to mostly sunny skies.

Today: Transition day from warm to much cooler as a cold front moves into the region, few spots of some drizzle, breezy…High: 70 early in the morning and then dropping throughout the day to eventually the 50s…Wind: NNE 15-20 MPH.

Tonight: Mainly cloudy with some spotty drizzle and chilly…Low: 44…Wind: N 7-14 MPH.

Thursday: Mainly cloudy with some hints of sunshine, patchy drizzle and chilly; next surge of cold air arrives late in the evening and overnight…High: 59...Wind: NNE 10-20 MPH.

Friday: Cold front moves through very early and light rain and spotty drizzle increases in coverage, cold and windy…High: 49…Wind: NNE 15-25 MPH…Wind Chill: 30s

Saturday: Cloudy and overcast with light rain and spotty drizzle, still cold to chilly…High: 52…Wind: N 10-20 MPH.

Sunday: Partly cloudy skies, milder but still chilly…High: 59…Wind: N 10-20 MPH.

Monday: Partly cloudy and mild with breezy winds…High: 65…Wind: ENE 10-20 MPH.

Have a great day and bundle up!