Cold temperatures take over South Texas

Numerous winter weather alerts in place until Saturday morning
6WEATHER Cold weather headline for South Texas
Posted at 5:40 AM, Feb 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-03 11:16:25-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The arctic cold front has plowed through the Coastal Bend and temperatures have fallen mainly into the 40s across the region with wind chill values in the 30s.

This pattern is going to hold all day long, so if you have outdoor plans today be sure to bundle up and have the big coat ready along with the umbrella. We’re continuing to hold on to spotty showers over the area that will slowly taper off some, leaving us with mainly overcast skies, as we head into the afternoon.

Hopefully precautions have already been taken for yourselves and families to keep warm and don’t forget the outdoor pets. Make sure they have shelter to keep warm, along with some access to fresh water, if you cannot bring them indoors.

By later this evening and going passed midnight into about 7AM when temperatures plummet well below freezing into the middle to upper 20s, computer forecast models continue to hint at the possibility of some sleet and freezing rain, maybe even a couple of snowflakes too, mainly for our inland and northern counties. The accumulation is expected to be from a glaze to a few hundredths. If you must travel during that time, be very cautious especially over the bridges and overpasses as those will ice over first.

Wind chill values by Friday morning will be in the low teens, some maybe even in the single digits farther inland, and low 20s. So, a hard freeze is in store for everyone.

There are a plethora of advisories, warnings and watches that are going to be in effect later today and into tomorrow that range from Freeze Watches, Freeze Warnings, Wind Chill Watches, Wind Chill Warning, Winter Weather Advisories, Gale Warnings and Wind Advisories. All of these have different times they are in effect, but overall, it’s going to be very cold and windy and there are plenty of winter hazards associated with them.

If you plan to be outdoors for a prolonged period of time, use the big coat, gloves, hat, earmuffs and anything you can do to keep warm to prevent hypothermia or frost-bite. With wind chill values falling into the teens, it is very possible to reach that cold state very easily. If you are feeling dizzy, confused, sleepy, have stiff muscles or are having a hard time speaking when outdoors in the cold elements; seek medical attention immediately and get to a warm place immediately.

Again, the most hazardous time to be on the roads will be later this evening and early Friday morning. Bridges and overpasses will freeze and ice over first as cold air can wrap around them easier and cause their temperature to fall more rapidly than highways. Use reduced speed limits and give yourself plenty of time to get to your destinations safely.

We’ll begin to clear out by Friday afternoon with sunshine returning, but temperatures stay on the cold side with highs only in the upper 30s to low 40s.

Saturday morning will be another hard freeze with lows in the mid-20s.

We have small rain chances on Monday, but we’ll start to see milder afternoon temperatures coming back in the 50s and 60s by the middle of next week.

Today: Very cold, damp and windy with wind chill values in the 20s and 30s; overcast…High: 43…Wind: NNW 15-30 MPH & gusting.

Tonight: Early chance of freezing rain, sleet and a few snowflakes possible through 7AM…Low: 28…Wind: NNW 15-25 MPH & gusting. Wind chill values: teens and 20s.

Friday: Early morning wintry precipitation, beginning mainly cloudy with gradual clearing in the afternoon, but remaining very cold and windy…High: 39…Wind: NNW 15-25 MPH & gusting.

Saturday: Early morning hard freeze, still very cold with mainly sunny skies and less wind…High: 49…Wind: NE 6-12 MPH.

Sunday: More cloud coverage, still near freezing in the morning with afternoon temperatures still on the chilly side…High: 52…Wind: NE 7-14 MPH.

Monday: Mainly cloudy with a few showers returning, chilly and breezy…High: 56…Wind: NNE 10-20 MPH.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy and getting milder…High: 59…Wind: NE 5-10 MPH.

Have a great day; keep warm and be safe!