All eyes on the Gulf of Mexico

Posted at 5:31 AM, Jun 02, 2020

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Expect a few more showers today, but don't expect a deluge.

Our forecast is for partly cloud skies with isolated showers and a high in the upper 80's,

Tropical Depression Number 3 has formed in the Bay of Campeche. This National Hurricane Center expects the system to wander in the southern Gulf for a few days before moving north.

At this time, the system is expected to become Tropical Storm Cristobal by the weekend and move into the Central Gulf Coast early next week.

Any variation from the foretasted path will have major implications to Gulf residents. Stay tuned!

Here's our upcoming forecast:

Tuesday: Partly cloudy with isolated showers. High 88.

Wednesday: Partly cloudy with isolated showers. High 89.

Thursday: Partly cloudy, humid and warmer High 91.

Friday: Partly cloudy, humid and hot. High 93.

Saturday: Mostly sunny and hot. High 96