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Downtown workers say more homeless showing up near Artesian Park

Posted at 6:31 PM, Oct 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-07 21:30:21-04

CORPUS CHRISTI — Some employees in the downtown Corpus Christi area say they've noticed an increase in the homeless population. In particular, the area of Mann street and Mesquite, between Artesian Park and Interstate 37.

There are complaints the homeless are littering with their belongings or trash. Those complaints have only grown within the past month or so.

Those, like Pam Majek, believe the ones that are showing up are coming from other parts of town, or from other parts of the state.

"They arrive with all of their personal belongings, maybe more than the average person of a backpack or bag of some kind," said Majek.

Majek works at a business along Mann Street and her office has a front row view of the homeless situation on that side of town. She mentions new groups of homeless people arrive every day, unfamiliar with where they are.

"Often you'll see them asking someone for directions, and so a local citizen will be pointing directions," said Majek.

KRIS 6 ran into an employee who cleans the area around Artesian Park, where many transients also hangout. He tells KRIS 6 that many homeless have told him they're riding buses here from other Texas cities.

Phil Salazar also works in the area of Mann Street and knows several of the homeless. One gentleman told him the same thing: That many are coming from out of town.

"He had heard Corpus was a little more inviting, and was actually able to find a place to stay," said Salazar.

Wherever they are coming from, it's still causing worry for those like Majek, who work in the area on a daily basis.

"It makes the other office workers downtown a little concerned," said Majek. "You can see them detouring to avoid such an individual."

The Downtown Management District recently launched a website called the "Downtown Need Network." Its goal is to be a resource for the homeless or those looking to help. Click here for more information.